LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment), which represents 16 live music industry organisations, has appointment its first LIVE Green impact consultant.

Working closely with LIVE CEO Jon Collins, Patel will lead the initiatives of LIVE Green, the organisation’s sustainability group, through facilitating cooperation across the organisation’s membership while ensuring knowledge sharing and support can be provided to help sector-wide efforts in this area.

Patel is a founder, CEO and consultant with over 15 years of diverse experience in music, media, entertainment, climate action and tech. Having previously founded and held the CEO position of Whole Entertainment, an artist and label management company, Patel remains a talent manager with a boutique roster. Initially joining as a member, Patel was later voted on to the Board of Music Managers Forum in June 2021, helping the organisation to advocate for climate action and subsequently launched a number of initiatives in this area.

Patel said, “My role as an artist manager, MMF board member and representative within the LIVE Green group has very fortunately provided me with the opportunity to work closely with the brilliant LIVE team over the past couple of years. I’m excited to continue our work on Sustainable Touring and Green Clauses for live booking contracts amongst many other great initiatives.”

Patel also sits as chief strategy officer at UMA Entertainment Group, and in 2021 led the production and curation of the UMA x COP26 special event in Glasgow. The event was host to a diverse array of climate experts, youth leaders, influencers and creative talent which included Aurora, Nick Mulvey, Kumi Niadoo, Poppy Cooks and many more. The event successfully raised awareness and helped to forge some essential bridges between culture and climate action. UMA Ent is now preparing a series of events with chairman Harvey Goldsmith to mark the 40th anniversary of Live Aid in 2025.

Collins said, “We have worked with Ross for some time now in various capacities and have always been impressed with their energy, knowledge and commitment to sustainability issues. This new role will see Ross leading and further amplifying the work of ‘LIVE Green’ and helping us in our mission to green the live music sector as quickly, fairly and effectively as possible.”