Jika Jika Festival, which concluded in August, was Northern Ireland’s first ever cashless festival.

The event was set across two days in Derry at Ebrington Square, and was put together with the help of Event Genius Pay. They made us of their RFID technology to increase spending by 23% per head, when compared to non-cashless events at the same location last year.

Prior to attending, fans were given the opportunity to plan their budget by pre-purchasing credit direct from the festival’s website. Upon arrival, their tickets were then swapped for a smart wristband which contained their credits.

These credits could be spent by simply tapping their wristband at the point of sale devices at every bar and vendor on the festival site.

James Crossan, director at Jika Jika festival, said: “We’ve been hugely impressed with Event Genius Pay. The solution speeds up transactions at the bar and makes it easy for fans to top-up credit, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the music and less time waiting in queues.”

Lauren Lytle, head of technical operations at Event Genius, said: “It’s been a privilege to be able to help Jika Jika make a resounding success of their debut festival. From start to finish their team’s commitment to ensuring their fans have the best possible time has been amazing and it’s great to have been the first RFID payment provider to deliver a fully cashless festival in Northern Ireland.”