APPIX, a company which provides an immersive lighting and effects app for live events, recently went on a reunion tour with New Kids on the Block.

Attendees to shows can download the APPIX app, which uses Bluetooth transmission technology to light up their phones without the need for pairing. In this way, the phones can be harmonised with a show’s lighting and production.

The app does not use cellular data, and does not need WiFi to function. Fans are encouraged to download the app in ticketing emails or on-site promotions at the venue, but it is not mandatory.

New Kids on the Block’s The Mixtape Tour included 55 concerts and sold 662,000 tickets.

APPIX also recently partnered with the UFC, to provide a custom version of the app called UFC In Action. It provides fighter info, real-time stats and exclusive incentives alongside the existing uses.

New Kids On The Block founding member Donnie Wahlberg commented: “Night after night, APPIX’s innovation and creativity helped bring our Mixtape Tour production to the next level with stunning visuals and a genuinely effective fan engagement experience like no other.

“APPIX even made the concert more visually exciting and surprising for me and my band mates on stage as well.”