The Halo Group returned to work with BBC Music at this year’s Glastonbury, creating one of their backstage set builds for the broadcaster’s BBC Music Tepee.

The Tepee formed the focal point for BBC Music’s radio and online coverage at the festival and featured acoustic performances from headline artists appearing at the event.

Designed in-house at Halo, the creative concept used a specialist light reflective Samba print backdrop. Real foliage and floral detail helped enhance the aesthetics of the build.

By combining these elements, the overall effect was a bohemian-style backstage installation. “The development and delivery of this years design is very much down to our fantastic creative team,” said Halo’s project manager Emma-Jane Ireland. “This process starts in the office with our designers before being passed to our production team and set stylists.

“There is a great synergy between the different departments at The Halo Group and it is this partnership that has given us the opportunity to return to the festival and continue the development of our professional relationship with BBC Music. We look forward to continuing on this exciting journey in the future. Watch this space.”

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