The Government’s Security Industry Authority (SIA) has published an Events Guidance for Buyers of Security document designed to help event operates make sure any security services hired are compliant with the law.

The SIA said the purpose of the 23-page guide is to help event professionals identify the roles at their events that may require a security licence under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. It also includes a checklist that can be used to help select a security provider.

It said, “It’s important to understand what makes someone licensable. This will help you make sure you have the right person in the right role at the right time. This is only intended as general guidance. It is not a substitute for the complete definition of licensable activity within the Private Security Industry Act 2001. You should read it in conjunction with the Act. It is also not possible to give definitive guidance as to who is licensable in all circumstances as it will always depend on the specific circumstances of the case. You should consider the implications of the Act for particular events or premises, and seek appropriate independent legal advice.”

The guide can be found here.