A new stage at Glastonbury is set to be formed out of an old tube carriage at the festival this year that takes place 21–25 June.

The Heaven and Hell theme ‘Sh-afterlife’ from last year is being replaced with the new “Environ-mental” theme, after it is announced that the new stage will strictly be for heavy metal music only.

The new metal stage Earache Express, created by independent label Earache Records, will make its debut appearance at this year’s Glastonbury, as the festival makes plans to bring a different kind of edge to the event.

Organiser Dan Tobbin told SomersetLive that the new stage that will bring “two disparate worlds together”.

“It will be confrontational, chaotic and loud, we have to compete with so much more going on in Shangri-La, and we will stick out like a sore thumb,” Tobbin said. “It will cause debate, this is going to be interesting and impactful. Basically the stage will be inside a 60ft old tube carriage, which is just so Glastonbury, it’s so wacky and different.”

The festival announced the changing to be made to Shangri-La, stating: “Giant Towers of Trash now dominate the Shangri-La skyline, and structures have formed from the scrap, dwellings made of detritus, art from the embers.”

“It’s wacky, it’s a bit leftfield, but it also is a great thing for some of these metal bands to play Glastonbury, and I’m sure it will open a lot more doors for them,” said Tobbin.