Audio designer Funktion-One is working with Scottish techno star (Fraser Stuart) to create an immersive 360° experience with a specially-designed stage located in the centre of the crowd for an all night long show on 14 August at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro (cap. 14,300)

It said the aim is to turn the 14,000-capacity arena into an intimate venue, with the ‘ 360’ concept marking the debut of the Funktion-One Vero sound system in Scotland.

Specially customised for the venue and a 360° stage format, the Funktion-One Vero sound system is said to be the biggest set-up ever used in Scotland, with Funktion-One claiming it offers sound with unrivalled clarity and precision.

The bank holiday weekend show, promoted by’s company Concept Festival, has been a year in the making, and will include a circular lighting design above the stage. The production has been led by Scott McDonald, working alongside companies including Audio Plus, Stagehire and Function Creep.

Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews said, “The Vero system for 360 will feature an 8m high bass column, similar to the one we deployed for Carl Cox at Wembley Arena, only this time at the Hydro we can position it in the middle of the room for an event better result.

“Vero is the next level of tour and big event sound that’s capable of shaking up an industry that can be conservative. Vero systems deliver the best possible audio for the audience, resulting in immersive listening experiences and a deeper connection with the music.”