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Ahead of a Parliamentary debate on 8 February about the post-Brexit EU touring visa issues that have caused uproar in the live music industry, Sir Elton John has told the BBC that he has had “very positive” talks with culture secretary Oliver Dowden on the issue.

Last month, John was among more than 100 leading artists and industry executives to sign a letter to Government calling on it to cut the touring red tape and accusing it of “shamefully failing” the country’s performers with its Brexit deal.

John told the BBC that it was his “duty” to help improve the situation for younger artists and crews looking to tour the EU.

He said British touring personnel looking to work in the EU are currently “up against a brick wall” of added bureaucracy, paperwork and financial costs: “It’s much more difficult for young artists to get this together because of all the red tape. Every country has these different rules, there’s so much procedure to go through.”

He added, “People like myself are not really affected by it, we have a foundation of people who can look after it, it still has to be done but it’s much easier.

“I want the situation to be resolved, so that young people don’t have the difficulties of trying to tour in Europe, because it will affect their careers, it will stunt their growth and their creativity.”

Despite the positive conversation with Dowden, John said visa-free touring is not currently “on the cards”.

Prior to the Parliamentary debate, which is scheduled for 4.30pm, a group of festival operators, industry bodies and MPs will speak at The Carry on Touring Parliamentary briefing on the same day at 11am.

Among the speakers at the briefing will be Parklife Festival (80,000) co-founder Sacha Lord, UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku-Goodwin (pictured), Musicians’ Union general secretary Horace Trubridge and a group of MPs.

The briefing and subsequent debate follow a petition by live music camera director Tim Brennan that has been signed by more than 275,000 people.

To register interest in attending the briefing visit Eventbrite.

In a Tweet (below), Dowden said the Government was focused on the issue.