Pan-Europe ticketing giant, promoter and venue operator CTS Eventim said it is launching a system able to check both tickets and Covid status certification at events.

The system, which can be used to verify vaccination and post-test status, does not store or link health information with other data.

When admitting attendees to venues, promoters can use a single device – such as a hand scanner – to verify not only the tickets but also the attendees’ certificates showing that they have been vaccinated against coronavirus, received a negative test result or recovered from coronavirus. This information on the certificate takes the form of a QR code.

CTS said the system is suitable for events of all sizes, and that it offers “maximum” data protection as no health information is stored or linked to attendees’ tickets.

It said that during the verification process, the system checks the information provided by the certificate code anonymously and locally against the entry criteria specified by the promoter, for example how recently the coronavirus test must have been taken.

CTS Eventim chief operating officer Alexander Ruoff said, “Our aim in introducing this software for checking health certificates is to help people to experience live events with as few worries as possible.

“We are providing promoters with a high-performance solution that enables them to run events efficiently while still protecting public health and without inconveniencing attendees.”

CTS Eventim owns brands Eventim, Ticketcorner and Ticketone and operates several major venues in Europe including the 5,000-capacity Eventim Apollo (pictured) in London. The company’s promoting division includes its Eventim Live European promoter network of 28 owned or majority-owned companies and their 30 festivals spanning 12 countries.