Audio equipment supplier Britannia Row Productions installed a 7:1 sound system into Wembley Arena for Bear Grylls’ Endeavour tour, which began in October.

Fergus Mount, who mixes front of house, commented: “It is challenging. Grylls is very active and needs his wind for the physical action, so his vocal projection is relatively low.

“Normally that might not matter so much, this isn’t a show at rock concert levels. But because he transits the various PA positions, sometimes in mid-air at comparable height to the loudspeakers, getting enough gain from his mic is a battle.

Because he’s very active, sweat was also a big issue; the mic boom was prone to slip. In the end we mounted two mics, one each side of his head.”  

Besides broadcasting voice and video soundtracks, the sound system also relayed sound effects, such as a huge thunderstorm effect.