Organisers of Boomtown Fair (cap. 66,000) have launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of an immersive art experience that is expected to open at the team’s Bristol headquarters this summer.

Boomtown Fair site & operations manager Graham MacVoy and the festival’s co-founders and directors Lak Mitchell and Chris Rutherford set up the company Wake The Tiger Ltd in March last year to handle what they intend to be a new tourist attraction.

The trio have branded the installation Wake The Tiger and are describing the project as an amazement park. They said the interactive show will involve a one-hour tour of 27 artistic environments, and it is designed to be suitable for visitors of all ages.

They said more than £1.5 million of seed investment has already been secured from private investors, and the team is preparing to launching a Crowdcube fundraiser to secure an additional £350,000 in April.

It is expected that some 75% of the project’s revenue will come via tickets sales, while secondary revenue sources will include food & beverage sales and a merchandise range including sculptures, prints and NFTs.

MacVoy, who is founder and managing director of Wake The Tiger, said, “This project is two years in the making and the result of decades of creative input from some of the best technologists, story-tellers and creative minds working across festivals and attractions in the UK. We are starting this new movement in our spiritual home of Bristol and can’t wait to be open this summer.”