Do you really know who is inside your live event right now and if not, why not? Asks Peder Berg, managing director of UK at EAS. 

This basic information should be available at the touch of a screen. If it isn’t, then there is no reason why it can’t be. When it comes to digitalisation of accreditation, as with most technology applications, the hard bit for the end user is keeping up with the seemingly impossible capabilities and harnessing them to improve efficiency, and save time and money.

As an event technology provider, I’m always on the look out for ways I can simplify the process and make new technology and systems easy and affordable.

Another challenge when reviewing, upgrading, or renewing your accreditation security systems is that it sits firmly between marketing and facility management and the two need to ensure the system of choice accommodates all needs and more besides. Dynamic and advanced capabilities of any system should deliver both efficiency and flexibility. No two venues or stadiums are the same. Each has unique requirements and anomalies.

We have devised effective accreditation solutions for the likes of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Twickenham Stadium, and the Labour Party Conference. All of our clients face different challenges and therefore each require a unique approach.

Large venue security and access control should encompass comprehensive reporting capabilities and reduces administration time and resources resulting in highly efficient internal accreditation management and customer service. In our experience significant cost savings can be afforded by cutting manual labour elements of the accreditation process by up to 80%.

A system built specifically for stadium and large venue management teams who require attendees to be vetted by authorised personnel in our view should include some key elements including a simple to use front end user interface. Whether used by the visitors themselves or managed by internal stadium teams, it ensures an efficient and smooth registration process. 

A web-based system is essential. Capable of being used on any internet browser – desktops, laptops, iPads and tablets, this type of platform puts control of the entire application process at the fingertips of the user in the form of an easy-to-use management system – whether searching and updating individual applicants, running reports or editing an event. Flexibility to include different Application types and Access Zones are also key. 

We always ensure our systems can handle as many application categories of personnel that any event requires, each creating a unique application form. For example stakeholder groups requiring accreditation may include: Sporting Teams, Contractors, Production Teams, Broadcasters, Journalists, Entertainers, Volunteers and VIPs.

Have you thought of the benefits of incorporating an email and SMS communications system, allowing you to send personalised messages – such as a reminder to register, provide information or to issue event updates – to groups or individuals either in bulk or single format.

When it comes to additional features and capabilities the ease of use must be absolute priority – anything the least bit complicated will either cause hassle and stress or at worst, just not be used. Uploading of identification documentation such as passport scans, company details or photographs should be easy. 

A photograph upload tool allows users to crop an image into an appropriate “passport” sized image – importantly speeding up badge production as images are already pre-formatted correctly. Advance capabilities such as a built-in Vehicle access module which controls which vehicles are brought into the venue, integration with third party systems such as government or security bodies and zone or security level control are all possible.

Yes, there is a lot to consider, but the benefits of installing a well researched and powerful accreditation system, which comes with full technical and customer support service for live event organisers, venue and stadium teams and key clients, are tenfold.