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Simeon Aldred, group creative director, Vibration Group talks 

For the last 10 weeks I have been on a mission that has reminded me of what is possible if you openly and honestly embrace the value of partnerships to pull off a project.

Vibration Group and our partners Broadwick Venues have taken on the commercial management of the Old Mayfield railway station in Manchester, owned by visionary developers U+I, and partnered by LCR and Manchester City council.

In the last three months we have managed to take a derelict railway station and turn it into a stunning 10,000-capacity culture space and theatre which opened its doors with a world premiere performance by Rambert ballet company.

From the planning department in the Council through to licensing authorities everyone has taken the swiftest, most direct and honest route to ensure that the cultural space can open its doors on time and on budget.

Suppliers in every discipline from Acorn Structures, White Light, DBN Audible, and Manchester International Festival have worked in full partnership. And, moving forward we have partnered with the Warehouse Project to present the next series of concerts in the space.

Never try and do this stuff on your own. Stand together and you can achieve the impossible.