London’s Backyard Cinema has announced it is partnering with Penguin Ventures to bring an immersive screening of The Snowman to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year.

Winter Wonderland is Hyde Park’s annual, free-entry winter festival. The Snowman Experience will celebrate the 40thanniversary of the classic story, with a multi-room, multi-sensory experience open from 22 November – 6 January.

It will be spread across 5,000 square feet, and will feature replica sets of the famous film alongside a 10-metre wide screen, which will lets guests feel as if they’re flying beside The Snowman.

Dominic Davies, founder & creative director, Backyard Cinema said: “When we started working on this project it became clear that watching the Snowman at Christmas was a huge tradition for the team so having the chance to work with such a popular character who is close to the hearts of so many people has been a real honour.

“We want to give people the chance to enjoy this Christmas classic in a way they could never imagine and have challenged the perception of what it means to watch The Snowman™. In doing so, we have created a little bit of magic that everyone can believe in during the show.”

Thomas Merrington, creative director, Penguin Ventures said: “When we started planning for the Snowman 40th celebrations we were keen to create some outstanding new experiences that could be enjoyed by everyone.  We are thrilled to be working with Backyard Cinema who have been an extraordinary partner and have enabled us to bring The Snowman to life in an entirely new way.

“We are certain that The Snowman Experience will create unforgettable memories for all generations of visitors to Winter Wonderland this year”.