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Females being subjected to longer toilet queuing times is an age-old problem at events and festivals, but now, for the first time, women had their own urinals at a race. 

Lapee, was available for the first time at the Copenhagen Half Marathon in September. “50 years ago, women were not allowed to run a marathon,” Lapee’s CEO Gina Périer tells Access. “Lapee is the female version of the popular gray kros urinal also called ‘rocket’ or ‘tulip’ which is distributed world-wide. It is made in the same manufacturing process, it is being transported, maintained and cleaned in the same way.” 

Lapee is stackable, to reduce carbon emissions due to transportation.

“Lapee is founded on the vision of giving women better peeing conditions when toilets are pressured. The choice is usually between insanely long queues for the toilets or the improvised solution such as bush, which is very degrading, unhygienic and unsafe.”

 Behind Lapee are Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg. They are both educated as architects, graduating from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen from spring 2017.