The UK’s first electronic music and camping festival dedicated to LGBTQ+ acts will launch in May.

Organisers of the 3,000-capacity Flesh Queer Festival said the entire lineup will be made up of underrepresented artists, with 90% featuring women, trans+ and non-binary artists, including a “spectrum of ethnicities”.

A statement from the festival organisers read, “The festival addresses long-term issues in festival programming, which is dominated by cis-male straight artists, breaking the cycle and allowing emerging and underrepresented talent to break through on a worldwide platform.

“Being featured on a major festival lineup will create visibility and generate bookings for the artists involved and set an example for other promoters to follow.”

The event will take place on the bank holiday weekend of 28-29 May at Springfield Farm, St Albans.

The event will also include a ‘sober tent’ in collaboration with art collective Riposte London, described as a relaxed environment where individuals can take part in workshops, attend panels and socialize.

Organisers have also launched an open call for emerging Queer, Transgender and Intersex People of Colour (QTIPOC) artists to apply for two scholarships for the London Sound Academy and ongoing mentorship. Winners will have the opportunity to perform at the festival in May.