Jukebox PR is launching Jukebox Management, a new division that extends their offerings to include artist management, distribution, bookings, content creation and more.

Jukebox covers club, restaurant, product and album launches as well as artist/label promotion, and international festival PR. They have worked with the likes of Solomun, DityBird, Printworks London, Kappa Future Festival and Privilege Ibiza.

The new company will utilise Jukebox’s media power and events experience to manage artists with tied contracts from five to eight years. Jukebox Management will help artists achieve maximum promotion on video channels, magazines and social networks.

The company is also investing directly in Chinese partners, with the intention of connecting international brands into the Chinese electronic music market and linking up with touring artists to maximise exposure and integration going forwards.

In June, the company opened offices in Shanghai and Bangkok as part of its global expansion plans. It will also be launching Jukebox PR USA in November 2018.

Jukebox Management will also be inaugurating its professional recording studio in Milan under director Andrea Mariano, who is a partner of the new company. It is building its own creative space in Venice which will be dedicated to videos and shooting for artists under its management.

The aim of the company is for long term promotion and development of artists, to take them into new territories and help realise their potential for crossing over into the mainstream.

Sales and streams, film and TV syncs, licensing deals, content creation, record distribution, bookings and much more will also be within the scope of the company.