Audio specialist tube UK has installed a d&b sound system into the 800-capacity music venue Gorilla in Manchester.

The system, which comes equipped with Midas and Yamaha control, was set up in the live music room, the main bar and the lounge area.

The aim, provided by venue owners TROF Group, was to raise production values to accommodate more rising stars and touring artists as well as establishing Gorilla on the live music scene.

Gorilla’s live programming manager Ade Dovey said: “Walking into a venue, especially a modern or new venue, and seeing and hearing a state-of-the art sound system is like a big hug to a touring band and their technical team. The venue is effectively their creative space for a designated amount of hours, so it’s vital they have the tools to produce the best sound … not just for themselves, but for our customer’s ears.”

Tube UK’s Melvyn Coote added: “Having the opportunity to bring this busy and well-respected venue up to date with sound has been a hugely enjoyable project. At tube, we pride ourselves in not only making things sound great but also making the engineers’ lives easy and giving the artists the systems they deserve – after all, they put the hard work in for years and they should be rewarded with great systems to play on. In turn, this makes the audience experience the best it can be.”