The Pleasance Theatre has bought its first venue, the pop up 80-capacity ‘Project 33’, which will launch at the ABTT Theatre Show in June.

The temporary structure cabin is the first major UK application from Triple E ModTruss, and will host eight shows a day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after its launch this summer.

“We look forward to showing off the colourful and innovative new Pleasance Beside this summer in Edinburgh,” said Anthony Alderson, director of Pleasance Theatre Trust. “The design and its possibilities are very exciting and will give us opportunities to expand our thinking for the venue and for the Pleasance generally.”

The Meccano-style construction style from ModTruss will allow Project 33 to provide as an alterative for the courtyard based Pleasance Beside.

David Edelstein, managing director at Triple E, commented: “The history of The Pleasance is all about making the most out of found spaces and exploiting available sites for performance with the tightest of budgets.”

“The Pleasance has never commissioned a bespoke venue before, but director Anthony Alderson was immediately enthusiastic when I explained our ModTruss theatre solution, Project 33, which we will build and hand over at the ABTT Theatre Show,” Edelstein added.