After experiencing our first Boomtown Fair, Access talks to Orhan Ertughrul, executive VP of G-Smatt Europe, the company behind Bang Hai Industries, one of the festival’s most memorable installations.


How did the concept for the cubes evolve, and how did the commission occur?

Boomtown’s current story arc was coming to a close with a high-tech dystopian finale due to be unveiled at this year’s closing party. When we started talking to the theatrical and production teams at Boomtown, it quickly became clear there was a great synergy between G-SMATT’s real-world technology and the fictional world of Boomtown’s Bang Hai industries and their AI avatar AMI. We could help them deliver the futuristic look and feel they required for their production like no other event technology available.


What technical and creative challenges did you face?

Creatively, the content creation for the screens was developed in partnership with Boomtown and their content teams. Because our screens are actually very easy to work with, there were no real challenges on that front, it was a seamless process. In terms of the physical install, the uneven ground and varying soil conditions below the structure presented some interesting engineering challenges. However, our world class engineering team worked in partnership with specialist event engineers and contractors to deliver a solid and robust groundworks solution under a platform structure to the highest of safety standards.

Why was Boomtown suitable for the vision?

Boomtown is world renowned for delivering the most spectacular and innovative theatre based festival. The level of detail and thought that goes into the production is unrivalled and we knew from early on that their dystopian high-tech future presented in their ‘Metropolis’ district would be the perfect backdrop for us to showcase our technology. It also gave us the opportunity to work with some of the most creative minds in the industry and maximise the capabilities of our technology in new ways we were thrilled to see.


What plans do you have for the UK market in the future?

We are really excited about the UK market and the undoubted opportunities that exist, and are keen to work with brands and events that are looking for something new, be this music festivals, exhibition pavilions, product launches or more diverse and creative pop-up experiences. As the days shorten, having a flexible, interactive space that is also completely weather proof provides event organisers with some new options and ideas for hosting VIPs and hospitality areas where a damp tent may have little appeal.