With the topic of secondary ticketing at an all-time high in the industry, two ticket sales companies give Access an inside view

Reshad Hossenally


“Fans are only going to become increasingly savvy about which companies offer certain resale platforms”

THE outcry about the inflated prices and fees charged by some secondary ticket sellers has created more press and political scrutiny on the entire ticketing industry. This has increased fan demand for fairer ways to purchase and sell tickets and has prompted a shift in our plans. We are now actively investing in, and developing our own tout and fraud beating technology, together with an ethical reselling solution that actually addresses the problem correctly, working for both promoters, artists and fans.

With the superb work done by groups like FanFair, plus performing artists in highlighting the issues with reselling, fans are only going to become increasingly savvy about which companies offer certain resale platforms, and where they
can go to make an ethical purchase. For an independent ticketing technology company and seller like Ticket Arena and Event Genius, that’s a natural shift to our offering; fans will know they can buy tickets from us with a clear conscience.

We welcome the moves made by the Government to try and create a fairer ticketing market for fans. We’ve been working closely with FanFair to lend
our voice and support to its campaign. While there is more work to be done, especially against the online touts who abuse the system, we all want to give fans easy access to the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Stuart Cain


“These are global, well-financed organisations and cyber-warriors that we’re dealing with”

TICKET touting has evolved drastically over the years. It’s no longer the stereotypical ‘dodgy dealer’ trying to flog you a ticket outside the venue – these are global, well- nanced organisations and cyber-warriors that we’re dealing with. The systematic pillaging of tickets by touts using malicious software to harvest tickets and sell them on at inflated prices via the secondary ticketing market is diverting revenue from the UK’s live events industry – already under threat from a lack of funding – and lining the pockets of touts with no intention of investing in the industry.

As the topic comes under increased scrutiny and is debated in government, we have also seen expectations shift with campaign groups like FanFair Alliance asking promoters and agents to help raise awareness of the risks of purchasing tickets from secondary sites – whether it’s promoters specifying authorised ticket sellers on artist websites, or ticket agents offering face value resale options.

Artists, ticket agents and promoters across the industry have really come together on this issue and we’re united in the fight against touts and secondary sites. For too long a lack of legislation has seen fans being ripped off, while also diverting revenues from the creative economy.

While the fans are the immediate victims, not taking action today will damage the industry irreparably in years to come. So, with the Government’s passing 
of the Digital Economy Act and the amendments to the Consumer Rights Act, comes the acknowledgment that the tide is beginning to turn.