The second NTIA Ambassadors of the Night Awards took place on 2 December 2019 at The Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square.

Created in 2018, the Ambassadors of the Night Awards aim to centre key people within the night-time business sector who work to enact change, improve their communities, and strengthen cultural and economic growth. 

The awards contained special guests, including Rafael Espinal Jr., NYC Council Member, Candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, Inspector Daryl Lyon of Northamptonshire, and Ariel Palitz, Nightlife Mayor for New York City.

Other features of the evening included the spoken word poetry of Quinton Green, a.k.a. ‘Mr Milise’, who performed a piece called Knife Crime Sentence that highlighted how gang crime is embedded in our society, and comedian Aurie Styla, who spoke on his personal experiences in the night-time industry.

The winners of the awards were:

Dan Davies of Rockpoint Leisure, for outstanding work as chairperson of the Institute of Licencing and the regeneration of New Brighton, Liverpool.

Brighton Music Conference, for supporting Electronic Dance Music and the night-time economy within Brighton.

Michael Hughes of SVA Events, for his contributions to the Urban/Dance music scene.

Inspector Daryl Lyons of Northamptonshire, for work within the CIRV Scheme and support of young offenders and gangs.

Amy Lame and The Mayor’s Office London, for the Woman’s Night Safety Charter Initiative.

Leighton De Burca of Bristol Placemaking/NTE, for supporting Bristol’s night-time economy.