Ayrton’s fixtures contributed to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance in Houston that was viewed by millions worldwide.

The company collaborated with co-production designers LeRoy Bennet of Seven Design Works, Bob Barnhart of 22 degrees and Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Inc. for the half-time show.

Gaga performed with a piano shaped like a planet, surrounded by fixtures supplied by Ayrton that worked from Barnhart’s lighting design. Ayrton used MagicDot-XT and MagicPanel-FX fixtures, as well as CosmoPix-R to create the elements that went into the performance.

Bennet said he chose not to use video during half-time because he wanted all the attention on Gaga during her set. “I wanted something more raw, to say something about Gaga.”

“Bruce and I came up a chequerboard stage with its grid work illuminated from beneath and emanating smoke to add another dimension to what would be traditionally a flat surface. We presented the design to Gaga, who has very strong views of her own, and she embraced it,” said Bennett.


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