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Sunbelt Rentals UK is making significant strides in exploring hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, according to CEO Phil Parker (pictured).

Recognising hydrogen’s potential to replace fossil fuels and help achieve the UK’s 2050 net-zero targets, Parker stressed the importance of this clean energy option in the company’s growth strategy.

Hydrogen is touted as a key component in the UK Government’s Hydrogen Strategy, aimed at transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Parker highlighted that while hydrogen is promising due to its abundance and versatility, the industry must overcome challenges related to “commercial viability, safety and scalability”.

Sunbelt Rentals has already contributed to carbon reduction through investments in battery, solar, and hybrid-powered equipment. However, Parker said more work needs to be done, particularly in decarbonising temporary power and off-grid energy, which are major contributors to global CO2 emissions.

As part of its five-year growth strategy, Sunbelt 4.0, the company focuses on sustainability, investment, and technology. Sunbelt’s H2 learning and development group, formed by its in-house experts, has initiated live trials with hydrogen fuel cell generators in the UK, exploring both fuel cell and combustion engine technologies.

The trials, supported by various hydrogen experts, aim to demonstrate the practical use of hydrogen in temporary power applications.

Parker said, “The team at Sunbelt Rentals are committed to innovating change that will help steer us towards a brighter, greener future and our hydrogen journey underpins this commitment.

“We’re the team behind the team, and it’s a role we’re proud to play. Because the world needs doers and problem-solvers to turn what-if into what is and gives us the power to deliver a future we can all be proud of.”