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Former Marshall Live Agency head Stuart Vallans has taken the live agency arm of the business with him and set up new operation Trust Artists [styled TRUST. Artists].

Vallans said that he will bring his two-decades of experience developing and booking artists to bear at his new boutique agency that will be focused on developing artist’s careers across the UK and Europe.

“My vision for Trust spans back nearly two decades, having worked with many incredible artists and many, many talented industry professionals, I’ve always wanted to do things my own way,” he said. “The new agency is being built using the model of many of my friends’ European boutique agencies, working with a smaller roster of bands, but having tighter relationships with them. I personally believe there is always a better way of doing things, a much more agile way of booking shows, something I will be working on at Trust to further all my artists’ careers”

The agency has been launched with a roster of artists including The Meffs, Gallus, Cucamaras, Hotel Lux, Snake Eyes, Carsick and Aiko.