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Secret Garden Party (SGP) founder Freddie Fellowes is to stage a new, week-long, event at his family’s Grange Farm in Cambridgeshire, where SGP has been held since its inception in 2003.

SGP said The Wild Meadows will take place from 5-11 August, and consist of a mixture of live entertainment, family and wellness activities including wild swimming, immersive theatre, woodland trails, yoga and meditation. Live music and late night parties will be confined to the weekend.

Since launching Secret Garden Party (SGP) in 2002 on his family’s 6,000-acre estate, Fellowes has built the event from a party for hundreds into one of the UK’s most established and successful independent festivals. After a five-year hiatus, SGP was relaunched in 2022 with a 30,000 capacity.

Last year, Secret Garden Party festival adopted a social enterprise model and began committing 65% of its profits to being a “force for good”.

The one thing about having privileges is there are plenty of people without, and it seems the right thing to do to enable that privilege to be shared,” he said.

The line-up for the 25-28 July SGP festival is made up of more than 350 artists includes Unkle, Crystal Fighters, Chinchilla, Franky Wah, Carly Wilford, Adelphi Music Factory, Jakkob, Omega Nebula, Technobrass, TC & The Groove together with independent collectives including Chai Wallahs, The Living Room and Noiganica.

Fellowes was interviewed at length of the AAA Backstage podcast, which can be found here.