Chile’s Viña del Mar Festival found its opening act cancelled as protestors clashed with police outside.

The 61st edition of the International Festival of Viña del Mar began on the 23 February amidst anti-government protests, which caused delays to the opening of the event.

The festival, which will take place from 23-28 February at the 15,000-capacity Quinta Vergara park in Viña del Mar, started three and a half hours after schedule due to anti-government protests that had congregated around the festival site and the O’Higgins hotel.

The delays meant that the opening act of the festival featuring Chilean hip-hop band Tiro de Gracia and singer Jordan did not take place as planned.

Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin was the first artist to perform on Sunday, where he stated his support for the protestors.

Martin said: “May Chile serve as the catalyst for other parts of the world, where our voices are not heard.”

Other acts performing at the six-day festival include Ozuna, Ana Gabriel, Maroon 5, Pablo Alborán and Mon Laferte.

A number of protests have been taking place across Chile for the last four months, beginning with demonstrations against a public transport fare hike which have now evolved into wider protests against living costs, social inequality, and the country’s constitution.

The protests have caused many major concerts and events to be cancelled, with the Movistar Arena in Chilean capital Santiago closing for almost a month in October.