A day after the live music industry came together to highlight the urgent need for fiscal support and a clear re-opening timeline, prime minister Boris Johnson said, 3 July, the Government will set out a timetable for getting events as “Covid-secure as possible” next week.

Asked about the effect of Covid-19 restrictions on the events industry, the prime minister admitted it had been an “incredibly tough time”.

He added that he understands people working in it are anxious to know when measures can be eased.

He repeated that a timetable will be set out next week and the Government will do “everything we reasonably can” to support the arts and events in the meantime.

The announcement followed the UK music industry’s #LetTheMusicPlay campaign, which took place yesterday, to highlight the urgent need for government support to sustain the live music industry during the coronavirus crisis and the need for a defined timeline for re-opening.

The campaign was organised by the Concert Promoters Association, National Arenas Association, Production Services Association, Music Venues Trust, Agents Association and many individual companies. It involved around 1,500 artists and saw 80,000 people post on Instagram using the tag.