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Peachy Productions’ Beverley Dormand reveals the build challenges and creative vision behind Jägermeister’s pop-up at five festivals including Bestival.

The Brief

Our challenge was to demonstrate and cost how we would take a concept and bring it to reality using a portable structure, clad inside and out with custom sets then enhance using sound and lighting.


Initially, we produced a combination of mood boards, showing its interpretation of the concept, with technical drawings on how we would build a custom structure and a detailed costing budget.

A second process was a collaboration with Frukt, the experiential agency, and Jaegermeister in which we explained in more technical detail how we would build and deliver this two-tiered ‘Jäger Hause’. We also detailed how to overcome any logistical issues of transporting such an ambitious build across five festivals.


Being a brand activation job, we had to collaborate tightly with Frukt and Firecracker, our set design company, to get every panel and every piece signed off throughout the whole structure. Then, working hard with Mar-Key to finalise the design of this double decker build.

Lead-times were short due to the detail and complexity of the structure, and travelling to five festivals up and down the UK. Military precision and tight collaboration with all parties was a must.

Hurdles and achievements

The locations at most of the festivals were not ideal, being in the middle of forestry. The logistics of coordinating the crews and trucks to install and dismantle at back to back festivals starting at Beatherder, moving up to Kendall Calling and ending up at Bestival required detailed preparation and co-ordination. And we are pleased to say that the entire tour was a huge success.