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The Government has given the green light for some public outdoor events to take place from today, 12 April, including drive-in cinemas and drive-in performance events – for example comedy, dance, music or theatre shows.

Village fetes, agricultural shows, gardening shows, funfairs and food and drink festivals are also allowed but the Rule of Six still applies, so any household or group attending an event may not exceed that number.

Events that are able to commence from Step 2 are not subject to a capacity cap on attendees. However, DCMS expects these events to have fewer than 4,000 attendees per day. Organisers of events that are likely to have more than 4,000 attendees should notify the Local Authority and should only take place if the event organisers can assure them attendees will be dispersed across a sufficiently large geographic area or will be sufficiently distributed throughout the day, so as to mitigate the risk of crowding at the venue and on public transport. Event organisers should follow Covid-secure guidance and must adhere to legal requirements.

Hospitality is permitted at these outdoor events, such as takeaway stands.

DCMS said sporting events that are intended to attract spectators (including ticketed events), or events that are likely to attract a significant number of spectators (e.g. a major marathon) should not take place in a public space, or on private land, until Step 3.

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