The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) said the nightclub sector will consider its legal options following the announcement of further restrictions in Wales that will see nightclubs close from 27 December.

Wales first minister Mark Drakeford (pictured) said the government is to make £60m available to support businesses affected by the new restrictions. It will also impose a two-metre social distancing rule in offices and encourage people to work from home wherever possible.

NTIA CEO Michael Kill said, “We are astounded at the actions of the Welsh Government, the consistent targeting of the nightclub and late night economy sector has gone too far.

“It is very clear that the Welsh Government has purposefully placed restrictions on an industry with no supporting evidence.

“Nightclubs and the late night economy have been at the sharpest end of the pandemic, and have upheld the Public Heath Strategy within Wales for over two years, with closures and mounting debts.

“We have been placed in an untenable position and will now have no choice but to come out fighting.

“The sector will be considering its legal options following this announcement.”