The Night Time Industries Association has called for companies which were involved in illegal raves over the 13-14 June weekend to be blacklisted.

On Saturday and Sunday several illegal raves were held in the UK, as partygoers looked for alternative options to cancelled festivals and live events. The NTIA is now advocating any companies involved in these raves to be blacklisted from the industry for ignoring distancing measures and endangering people

NTIA CEO Mike Kill commented: “Small house parties and raves have been bubbling under the surface of society for many years now, but the current situation under lockdown has intensified this, as young people search for alternatives, and continue in a struggle to cope with the current restrictions on their lives due to the pandemic.

“This behaviour adds to an already challenging reputation for the night time economy and events sector”

“The Night Time Economy and events sector provide safe spaces for young people to express themselves, but are currently unable to open. DIY alternatives are being organised by opportunists, using unscrupulous suppliers who are purely focused on financial gain, with no regard for the safety of those attending. The terrible incidents this weekend at an illegal rave in Manchester resulted in several serious incidents and the sad death of a young man from a drug overdose.

“The NTIA does not condone this kind of activity in any way, as this behaviour adds to an already challenging reputation for the night time economy and events sector with regulators. Operators and Suppliers breaking the law for profit and encouraging illegal raves should be blacklisted.

“Thousands of promoters and venues remain closed to save lives and the NHS, whilst struggling to maintain their businesses while a small minority are now running illegal events jeopardising the hard work and sacrifice of others.“


Image credit: Manchester Evening News