NTIA and Savenightife CIC have partnered with Safeguarding Nightlife to launch the ‘Night Safe Champion Programme’, which will focus on the challenges faced in the nighttime economy and hospitality communities.

The programme will provide a new approach to accreditation and training that aims to “lift professional standards of nighttime operations” and “provide educational pathways” to meet these standards.

It will cover topics such as:

  • Vulnerability awareness,
  • Sexual harassment
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Spiking
  • Conflict management
  • Working in licensed premises
  • An inclusive approach to safeguarding
  • The roles and responsibilities of a Night Safe Champion
  • Welfare Engagement Officer

The Night Safe Champion and Welfare Engagement Officer roles have been created to support people who find themselves in a position of vulnerability in the hospitality and night time economy spaces.

The Night Safe Champion will be the central interface of support and guidance between customers, workforce, security and regulators.

The role and responsibilities have been set to ensure direct support is available when people need it the most.

The programme will also take a blended learning approach. Experienced tutor teams will be working closely with industry experts, helping eventprofs to take control and entrust the industry with the role of safeguarding our communities.

Mike Kill (pictured left), CEO, NTIA, said: “Our industry has always advocated for the safety of our customers and our staff at night. Businesses across the industry want to do everything possible to ensure that customers and staff are able to socialise and enjoy culture in safe spaces.

“The accreditation scheme is a functional, yet versatile approach to blended learning, which can encompass existing training mechanisms across the country. Possibly one of the most important parts of this initiative is the rolling assessment process and evaluation of the accreditation, and its impact on the environments we operate within.”

Silvana Kill (pictured right), director, Savenightlife CIC, added: “We have listened to our communities and the challenges faced. We acknowledge that more needs to be done to ensure our customers and people feel safe. We understand that it takes more than writing policies, and placing well meaning posters. We need to do more.

“Our aim is not just to increase awareness, but through collaboration, give back the confidence communities are presently lacking, and empower people to feel safeguarded and know what to do in a vulnerable situation.”