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Russian authorities have announced the arrest of four individuals believed to be connected to the terror attack at Moscow concert venue Crocus City Hall (cap. 7,300) which took place on 22 March.

Reports from Moscow said at least 137 people were dead and more than 150 wounded after terrorists opened fire on people attending the rock concert. Videos uploaded to the Internet showed the concert hall roof on fire and collapsing in part.

Four suspected terrorists from an Islamic State group appeared in court and were remanded in custody.

The hall, which is now destroyed, is situated in the city region suburb of Krasnogorsk. The concert hall was opened in 2009 and is part of Crocus City, which includes the Crocus Expo Centre.

Security has been tightened with events cancelled across Russia.

The White House has said it warned Russia of a potential attack on “large gatherings” in Moscow earlier this month.