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Figures from the worlds of sport, music and outdoor events will be speaking at the Major Events Summit, taking place virtually on 2 December.

Among the speakers are Teresa Moore, director of A Greener Festival; Eileen Williams, safety officer at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club; Anton Lockwood, director of DHP Live; Nick Morgan, CEO of We Are The Fair and Craig Mathie, managing director of Bournemouth 7s festival.

Major Events International’s COO Andy Rice commented: “Adversity is the mother of all invention. It also does a pretty good job at bringing people together. The Major Events Summit, to be run on 2nd December,  is a first in British events history:  a forum for sport, music and other outdoor events to come together, share learnings, discuss best practice and work with the government and local authorities to help the industry get back on its feet.”

Steve Heap, panellist and general secretary at the Association of Festival Organisers, said: “The Major Events Summit will be a great opportunity for networking, exchanging views and finding the common links amongst sporting and entertainment outdoor events in the UK.”