Acclaimed graffiti artist INSA has collaborated with Sony to create an animated, augmented reality graffiti mural of VENOM.

The collaboration is to promote the film’s release on digital download. Those walking past the graffiti mural on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch can view the artwork through an augmented reality app called GIF-ITI.

When they do so, they can see Tom Hardy’s character being consumed by the Venom mask, which then dematerialises around his head.

INSA’s work is held in the V&A collection and has been presented at the Tate Britain.

Outside of the UK, INSA has left his mark in major cities around the world including; Tokyo, LA, New York, San Francisco, Luxembourg, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Berlin and Brussels.

The term GIF-ITI was coined by INSA when he started making his unique animated paintings.

Created over five days, the installation captures the transformation of Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy), into the ferocious anti-hero VENOM.

A making-of video can be viewed below.