Following yesterday’s news that Boardmasters festival was cancelled, Houghton Festival has also been cancelled due to severe weather warnings.

The Met Office forecasted over 60mph winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain in Norfolk, where the event was due to take place.

Houghton is curated by DJ Craig Richards. Its lineup was set to include Ricardo Villalobos, Four Tet, Shanti Celeste, Derrick Carter, Maayan Nidam, Ben UFO and more.

Information on refunds will be circulated soon, and a statement on Houghton’s Facebook page reads: “Tragically, following this morning’s reports and further consultation with authorities, health and safety and all the festival directors, the decision has been made to cancel Houghton 2019.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers, staff and performers, which would be compromised if we were to go ahead. Please do not turn up on site today, and pass this message onto anyone else you know who may be leaving for the event today.”

Image credit: Jake Davis/Hungry Visuals