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Following his announcement on Monday, 19 July, that only the fully vaccinated will be able to enter nightclubs and large venues from September, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi was asked in the House of Commons today, 22 July, to provide more detail as to what kind of venues will be impacted by the proposed requirement.

Zahawi said NHS Covid passes that show whether someone has been vaccinated twice will be compulsory in order to gain entry to nightclubs and other crowded indoor venues such as music venues, “or large unstructured outdoor events such as business events and festivals, or very large structured events such as business events, music and spectator sport events”.

He said the plan was to enforce the requirement at the end of September: “For proprietors of venues and events where large numbers are likely to gather and likely to mix with people from outside their households for prolonged periods, deploying the pass is the right thing to do.

“The pass has an important role to play in slowing the spread of the virus and so we reserve the right to mandate its use in the future.”