T in the Park has added to its site layout changes with a complete overhaul of the campsite area.

The campsite size will increase by over a quarter for the 2016 festival, and will be split into clearly colour-coded zones. There will also be additional lighting and improved signage.

A new stewarding structure has been put in place to oversee the larger campsite. Dedicated managers will be directly in contact with festival management at all times and will be supported by well-briefed stewards and new campsite assistant teams. Each zone will also have a control station in the middle of the area, with 24/7 staff available to campers.

“We have overhauled the campsite layout and management and guarantee there will be well-informed stewards on hand to assist with any questions,” said Colin Brown, T in the Park’s security manager. “The layout, clearly marked out zones and improved signage will make getting about much easier, meaning our campers can concentrate on having a good time.”

Citizen T, the voluntary code of conduct initiative, will also return. Those who sign up to the initiative pledge to being good neighbours and being part of a community that looks after each other and the site. Glamping area The Residence is also getting an upgrade as it relocates to a more picturesque area.

Organisers announced a main area revamp and a new site layout last week. A third announcement of changes, detailing new transport plans, is expected next week.