Connektd, a UK-based platform that connects event production agencies with freelancers, has expanded internationally and now has members in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China and Dubai.

The platform was launched in 2018 as a community platform for freelancers, and has since expanded within the UK, with a growing number of agency clients and freelancers using the service. Since several global agencies have started to add offices in markets outside the UK, Connektd now has the capacity to match freelancers to event projects across the globe.

Connektd was created by Steve Squires, an Events Producer and Operations Consultant who has worked around the world and for agencies and brands throughout the UK, both as a freelancer and in full-time roles.

Squire said: “I wanted to replicate the way the agency & freelancer relationship works in the real world. The freelance community is very strong, and I believe it is important for it to have a meaningful online presence.”

Connektd company members can source and build relationships with freelancers, whilst freelancers are able to apply for roles, build relationships with companies and other freelancers, and promote themselves to agencies and organisations. In addition, each freelance community is owned by the organisation not an individual, meaning working history with the organisation can be shared with the team.

Connektd has also recently launched a partner programme which aims to partner with companies who can offer valuable advice and information to freelancers. The first partners are Mazuma Money, an online accountancy service, and Create Insurance, an insurance company that specialises in insurance for freelancers. More partnerships are to be announced soon.