After 18 years at International Talent Booking (ITB), live agent Phyllis Belezos has set up international music talent booking and consultancy agency Heliocentric Entertainment.

The agency has launched with a roster of clients including Bernhoft, Bright Light Bright Light, Callaghan, Darin and Holloway Road. The consultancy arm of the agency offers guidance on issues including global touring.

During her career as an agent Boston-born Belezos has worked with a range of artists such as Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Massive Attack, Fatboy Slim, Bjork, Ice T, Nancy Sinatra, Robert Plant, Sufjan Stevens and St. Vincent.

Belezos, who is co-chair of the Music Venue Trust, said, “I live and breathe music and being able to help artists develop and succeed is my main goal and objective. I’m grateful for all the experience and knowledge I’ve had so far and ready for the next chapter.”

Before arriving in the UK and joining ITB in 2003, her previous roles included working at rock radio station WBCN and in the international music department at William Morris Agency.