Live event production agency Fisher Productions has joined the Event Technology Group, it has been announced, and will now trade as Fisher Productions London Limited.

The Event Technology Group is an umbrella holding company, which exists to provide an operating structure allowing businesses to focus on their individual specialist services within the events industry. Fisher joins Visions, RS Power Solutions and Dobson Sound Technology.

Philippa Bowers will remain as Fisher’s managing director alongside incoming CEO Chris Norman.

Commenting on Fisher’s joining of the group, Norman said they would be building from a “solid foundation”, which has been developed since the firm was incorporated in 1985 and added that the agency would have access to quality equipment.

“Fisher will run autonomously to our other businesses and will now benefit from having its own top-quality in-house equipment to enhance event offerings,” said Norman. “Equipment is something the group prides itself on continually investing in, seeking to always ensure that our customers receive the highest level of equipment as well as quality and service.”

Bowers, who boasts 25 years of experience and who will lead on creative innovation, said that Fisher was ready to “hit the ground running” as the live events market looks to reopen in the so-called ‘new normal’.

“The Event Technology Group improves the collaboration we share and gives us direct access to a much wider range of in-house equipment, including hybrid presentation solutions,” she said. “[This] will allow us to take creativity to new levels with inspirational results.”

Bowers has been with Fisher for 20 years, and in 2019 won and project managed an award-winning pre-wedding party in St Moritz for Akash Ambani, son of business magnate Mukesh Ambani and Shloka Mehta.