Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing (FEAT), the pan-European alliance campaigning for fairer ticket resale, will launch its How to Find and Remove Scalped Ticket guide for promoters at ESNS today, 19 January.

Developed with the support of tickets.de MD and co-owner Nicole Jacobsen, who has been a leading campaigner against touting for more than a decade, the guide offers step-by-step advice on how to find and remove scalped tickets from unauthorised platforms.

FEAT said the guide is designed to demystify the process of tackling touting, and outlines how to develop and implement an anti-tout policy, guide fans during on-sale, and spot signs of touting. It also advises on the best route to cancelling tickets in a fan-friendly way, while taking into account the relevant legal considerations. Added extras include template terms and conditions, as well as a template letter to send to any venues involved.

The ESNS workshop, F@ck Ticket Scalpers! will take place at 3pm today, with Nicole Jacobsen and Victim of Viagogo founder Claire Turnham MBE joining FEAT director Sam Shemtob to go through the guide’s recommendations.

Shemtob said, “With the live business looking to get back on the front foot in 2022, the timing is perfect for promoters to take steps proven to reduce touting. We hope this guide will be beneficial to all those who work in the sector.”

The guide will be made available on request to promoters by contacting support@feat-alliance.org.