Entertainment Technology Partners Europe (ETP Europe), a business which helps brands grow their business in the events and entertainment industry, has announced its acquisition of video and audio-based companies Pixl Evolution Limited and Audio Evolution Limited.

ETPA has recently launched a new European division which aims to provide support throughout Europe to offer AV solutions.

Paul Hutton, president of ETP Europe, said: “These are the first two companies to join ETP Europe’s portfolio and are perfectly aligned with our existing brands in the U.S and our ongoing global strategy.

“Pixl Evolution and Audio Evolution are young businesses that have attracted a wealth of industry talent and have made an impression on the events market in a short amount of time. They will continue to operate as independent companies and now have access to significant investment opportunities plus ETP’s global technical inventory and support structure.

“This platform will enable the businesses to accelerate their growth and reach a wider audience. It’s an exciting start as we look forward to continued growth of the ETP portfolio of brands in Europe.”

Guy Vellacott, founder and commercial director of Pixl Evolution, said: “When ETP Europe approached us with the advantages of being part of this group, it was clear to see the amazing opportunity from day one. Having previously worked with Paul and meeting the ETP brand partners in the U.S, we believe this to be a great fit, both culturally and strategically.”

Lee Spencer, managing director at Pixl Evolution, said: “We have achieved great growth, but with increased investment in both equipment and talented staff, we will become even more attractive to customers in our market sector.”