The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) recently welcomed 300 World War II veterans at the unveiling of its Memorial Spire – the biggest such gathering in 50 years.

The 120-foot Memorial Spire will serve as a point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation for Bomber Command.

Guests gathered inside one of De Boer’s Alu Hall structures, which acted as the main pavilion for the celebratory lunch.

A second De Boer Alu Hall housed the entertainment programme, which included the inaugural performance of ‘Strike Hard, Strike Sure’, an anthem specifically commissioned by the IBCC Trustees and composed by Tom Davoren. De Boer also built the ancillary structures and a Chalet structure that acted as the media centre for the day’s events.

Attendees, including veterans, their families and visiting dignitaries, were treated to a fly-over by iconic aircraft such as the last flying Vulcan, a Blenheim bomber, two Tornadoes, three Hawks and the current MacRobert’s Replay.

“The team at De Boer has been a joy to work with throughout the entire operation,” said Nicky Barr, IBCC director. “We started talking to De Boer last year when the site was still in construction, so the event and the temporary structures required have evolved accordingly.”

John Cochrane, sales director, events at De Boer, commented: “It was a privilege to assist with such an historic event. Together with the IBCC team, we pulled out all the stops and hope the guests enjoyed the celebrations.”