The Government has updated its Working Safely During Coronavirus guidance for businesses in the Events & Attractions category.

It has made minor changes to information in sections on priority actions, what the guidance covers, managing risk, what to include in risk assessments, travel to the workplace, reducing contact for workers and event planning.

Additional information has been added to sections on ventilation, people who need to self-isolate, Covid-19 cases in the workplace, and equality in the workplace.

The new guidance, which applies only in England, states that if a venue is hired for an event, organisers should discuss ventilation and cleaning with the venue operator. “Make sure you are comfortable with their [the venue’s] risk management protocols,” the guidance reads. “You should agree with the venue in advance any additional measures you will take to manage risk, such as opening windows to increase ventilation.”

The DCMS adds that elite sport event organisers should review existing protocols to ensure they are appropriate for the event, including the attendance of spectators. For example, consult the medical officer to ensure the medical protocols include sufficient cover for the number of spectators expected, and ensure any risk assessment includes processes to follow if a case is suspected on-site.

The updated guidance is available here.