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With the deadline for applications to the second round of the Cultural Recovery Fund (CRF) less than 10 days away, Arts Council England is running a series of webinars offering help and advice to those looking to apply for a grant.

Ahead of the deadline on 26th January, the webinars will provide information on issue including who can apply and how much you can apply for, how to demonstrate cultural significance and how to present supporting evidence.

The CRF round two grant range is between £25,000 and £3 million, with the funding intended to help successful applicants operate on a viable and sustainable basis by 30 June. 2021.

The guidance states: “We recognise that some cultural organisations (for example, festivals) may not plan to operate fully until after 1 July 2021. They are still eligible to apply to the Culture Recovery Fund: Grants programme, and should demonstrate in their application how they will transition towards full operation during the April – June 2021 period.”

Guidance for the funds are available to read on the Arts Council’s website and tickets for the webinars are available via Eventbrite.