Creative agency Crown is set to create a four-day Peugeot event for dealer principles, sales managers and sales executives.

Simon Hambley, director of Live at Crown said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to work with Peugeot on this event at an important point in their journey.

“Our creative team challenged the brief and presented a multifaceted journey using a number of product and strategy experiences to deliver the key messages. The event will include a range of presentation techniques including a virtual reality product experience that not only delivers information in an innovative way but has further use beyond the event itself. The objective is to deliver a truly immersive brand experience that stands out against the traditional conference or training event.”

The event will showcase a range of new Peugeot models, provide vital product knowledge and unveil future strategies for the organisation. Crown will be providing an end-to-end service for the event, working closely with the Peugeot team to develop content and provide assistance with delegate management, travel and logistics, event production and technical delivery.

Steven Fahey, manager of events at Peugeot said: “The [pitch] standards were high and Crown stood out for their inspired approach to re-energising our dealers with the new product range and knowledge-sharing. We’re looking forward to welcoming the network to our new MD’s inaugural event and working with the Crown team to see the event unfold.”