Mehram Sumray-Roots, founder, YADA Events

Working in the events industry has its perks, especially in the summer when festival season hits and there is something to attend every weekend.

However, every year without fail, I like many, face a wardrobe problem. Normally it is a packing problem, trying to squeeze as many layers as possible into a rucksack in case you get caught in the rain rapping along to Chance at the Main Stage. But in 2019, it wasn’t how many clothes I could take, but how few.

With the effects of global warming starting to feel more apparent this summer than ever, it does make me question what the future of British festivals in the heat looks like.

From the closing of showers and water shortages at Glastonbury to the slushy watered-down cocktails at Lovebox, how can we be better prepared in 2020?

What can we learn from American festivals such as Burning Man or Australian festivals in Adelaide that regularly face temperatures of 41C? Will we be ultimately swapping our wellies for water tanks and multiple layers for misting fans? 

With highs of 28C at Glasto in 2018 and over 33C in 2019, we have to ask what the heatwave of 2020 will bring.