The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) will coordinate the UK event industry’s response to Brexit, as part of initial reviews by the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS).

A survey of the entire industry will be the first follow-up to the BVEP’s pre-referendum survey released two months ago. The results of this new survey will be reported back to the DCMS, presenting the event industry’s position in one unified voice.

Questions in the new survey, titled ‘BVEP Events Industry Referendum Impact Survey’, include: recent cancellation experience, primary concerns and key priorities for event businesses and what EU legislation they would like to keep or scrap.

There will also be opportunity for event profs to comment on any opportunities they have noted since the referendum.

In addition to relaying the industry’s position to the DCMS, the BVEP also plans to work with representative bodies – including the Tourism Alliance – to provide a comprehensive overview of the key business issues that should be considered during future Brexit negotiations.

Simon Hughes, vice chair of the BVEP, commented: “The BVEP has been asked by the DCMS to provide industry input and coordination to discussions that will be taking place with ministers, as well as informing the work of the Events Industry Board, which will also be representing the industry’s concerns to the relevant government departments.

“Our focus is to support the development of a robust body of evidence that will inform the negotiations that lie ahead. The support of the industry and our members will be invaluable in this and I encourage them to complete the survey.”

The BVEP Events Industry Referendum Impact Survey can be found here until early September.